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Explore the role of "Digital Technology" in Recruitment

Whether it's unplanned external shifts or new business realities, businesses today need to be agile enough to deal with emerging issues almost real-time. The time that HR leaders have to make a decision is far lesser than it used to be. Consequently, the COVID-19 pandemic has compelled all the b…

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What is new Normal for Jobs seekers during COVID 19 Pandemic?

In the current scenario, searching for a new job is more challenging than it was before. With most companies going remote in the lockdown, recruitments are seeing a slower pace, the impact of which will stay even once we go out of our homes. This is why you must approach your job search with an …

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A guide to look for a Recruitment Agency

Recruitment is one of the critical business processes, important to be aligned to the company's vision, values and business objectives. Hiring the Right person at Right Job at Right time is paramount to the organisation for achieving its business objectives. 

In light of these challenge…

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Recruit the Best Talent!

1. Let your employees build your employer brand

Your employees are the best employer brand ambassadors.

Showing off the people potential candidates may be working alongside is a perfect strategy for attracting talent. After all talent breeds talent, so the company’s existing talent is boun…

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