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Explore the role of "Digital Technology" in Recruitment

Whether it's unplanned external shifts or new business realities, businesses today need to be agile enough to deal with emerging issues almost real-time. The time that HR leaders have to make a decision is far lesser than it used to be. Consequently, the COVID-19 pandemic has compelled all the businesses to identify areas needs quick and permanent digital shift.

The digital age is changing the way all fields work, across the board, and HR is no exception. As a result, a plethora of tools and platforms now exist to help HR departments work more efficiently. If you’re an HR manager, you probably already use one or more of them daily.

Digital recruitment is an advance way of recruiting. It makes the hiring process simpler, efficient, quicker, and far more lucrative. Hence, if you want the recruiting process to be meaningful, make sure you follow digital recruitment practices.

Let’s understand Recruitment in the Digital landscape -

When HR team leverages on latest technologies to conduct its recruitment processes like sourcing, assessing, employer branding, select and recruit candidates for open positions that is when we call it Digital Recruitment. DR includes everything like career websites or portals, Applicant Tracking Systems, leveraging job boards, recruiting through mobile, social media hiring, and online assessments. It is highly useful for online recruiters to search employee profile, assess them for experience and skills and send them a quick response asking them for a chat or about an opportunity. In current COVID-19 crisis, most of the companies presently use one or more of the above-mentioned tactics, still, they have a long way to adopt the technology.

Digital Recruitment process:

A digital recruitment process is an upgrade to the traditional approach and offers plenty of benefits. Companies intend to grow during and post Covid-19 pandemic, are considering digital recruitment an integral aspect of their recruiting process. It is an efficient and cost-effective solution that saves a lot of time. It eliminates all hurdles of travelling distances within the recruitment process. It is an excellent solution that allows recruiters to schedule and conduct Video interview sessions online. It creates flexibility for candidates to take an interview at any place and anytime. Further, it helps to hire managers as well as employees to work at their comfort and deliver an enhanced experience to the interviewers as well as candidates.

It involves many automated features such as sending emails to notify the end of an interview. This makes the work quite easier and efficient for recruiters.

Digital Recruitment approach:

Digital recruitment strategies can revamp your entire recruitment process. So, here check some of the latest digital recruitment strategies that you must consider.

  • Use of Recruitment Applicant Tracking System (ATS):

ATS is a newly emerged recruitment software that offers numerous benefits to the companies. It helps to enhance the efficiency of the hiring process as it lets you log all the hiring campaigns and find out candidate information in a single system. With the talent adding information to your system, it offers access to a pool of workers for similar kinds of roles in the future.

Further, it is easier for candidates as it allows them to cater to new hiring expectations like mobile-based application environments. Moreover, you can do away with filing and streamlining everything so that no excess files lie in your office.

  • Smart Phone Career Websites:

You may not find it obvious to optimize career website for mobile, but without a doubt, it is what that most other companies are already doing it. Even, many modern recruiting companies invest a huge sum in their mobile career website.

It is no more only about the increased use of a smartphone, it is about optimizing the mobile website to attract high performing candidates. It is important to do this as around 70% of job seekers check the websites of companies and look for jobs on their mobile.

If in case your career website is not mobile-friendly, you may lose such candidates as they will switch to other websites. Hence, a company must ensure that its landing pages, career websites, or other digital hiring resources are readable and work efficiently on mobile devices.

  • Use the Power of Social Media and tailored your Digital Strategies:

Leveraging social media into your hiring process renders innumerable benefits. Right from the quality of hire to enhancing the recruitment process, social media can improve the quality of the recruitment process to a great extent. The best thing is that it is an excellent platform to make people aware of your brand.

Many millennials rely on social media platforms to collect more details about the company. Such factors make it critical for companies to adopt a social recruiting strategy. But there are various social platforms available. You can find the best one that contains landing pages and job postings matching to your openings.

Hence, the best way to use social recruiting at its best is to create your social recruiting platform and understand the presence of your target candidates. This includes postings jobs on LinkedIn, to showcasing videos of company culture or employee stories, to tweets about the organization, Twitter events, and more.

There are infinite combinations available and only an organization that know its target audience and goals better can create a customized strategy that meets its requirements.

  • Couple It with the Latest Technologies:

Your digital recruitment strategy is incomplete if it is not supported with adequate technologies. Hiring managers can utilize a recruitment management system to post job openings on their website and innumerable job boards, rank applicants, and screen. Also, they must integrate digital recruitment with human resource management tools for hassle-free and uninterrupted operations.

Organizations can utilize online assessment tools for identifying individuals who are high – performing and screen them by using convenient tests that can be administered remotely. Moreover, there are many tools available that can let recruiters determine passive candidates or those who are presently not planning a job change.

Organizations who are relying on checklists of college degrees and those who possess experience in screening candidates are greatly finding the approach redundant.

Practices & Trends in Digital Recruitment:

To ensure you keep the pace with the future world, here check the latest practices and trends in digital recruitment.

  1. Augmented and Virtual Reality:

Many businesses possess VR headsets, which are designed to engage the candidates and offer them better content. Using VR let a candidate know that the business practice innovative and cutting-edge technologies. It provides positive images even if it is expensive and timely to integrate into the recruitment strategy.

  1. Artificial Intelligence:

AI is playing a great role in the way of finding new talents. Its advent has been meteoric in the leading media publications of the world. It considered recruitment as one of the challenging jobs that modern businesses hold. AI can alleviate a bigger proportion of hard work. Hence, it is essential to streamline the process and for this, there is nothing better than AI. Some of the Ai tools that will lead the charge are:

  • Sentiment Analysis: It is useful to adjust job specifications in the event of biased decision making.
  • Chatbots: With this, it is possible to quickly assess candidates and hire more suitable candidates. They offer a reactive way of dealing with the huge talent and have to potential to save recruiters lots of time.
  • Talent Rediscovery: The ATS or Applicant Tracking System lets recruiters scan the data records and find details of previous candidates to determine the best fit.
  1. Video Interviews:

No matter where a candidate lives, dragging him/her down to the interview room is no more an advanced way of hiring. It is a waste of money and time for the company as well as the candidate if it does not seems suitable. With easy access to Whatsapp, Zoom, Microsoft Team, Skype, Google Hangouts, and other communication channels, it is possible to interview candidates’ right from their place and at any time.

It is a great way to save time and removes the less suitable candidates from the screening process. This way, you can bring only the top selection candidates to your table. This is highly useful if the potential candidate stays aboard.

  1. Virtual Job Fairs:

Virtual job fairs allow employers to reach to a large number of potential candidates from a wider geographical area. It lets them interact with job seekers at a virtual level without the expensive and time of travel. Moreover, it reduces waste and cut pre-screening time and helps to email suitable prospects for the scheduled interview.

  1. Recruiting Blogs:

Recruiting blogs allow the company to show an employee everything about your organization. Social networking blogs allow job seekers to check with the companies and offer them a way around.

  1. Social Networks:

Many companies hire through social networking websites like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube. Such platforms daily demonstrate that companies can search the best talent quickly without involving huge financial investment.

Though each social platform varies in its offering, however, most offer employers the ease to screen without getting screened. It might sound predatory but when a candidate of your interest is active on social networks you get to know how they work with others, the way they handle clients, conflicts, and a lot more. All this lets you identify whether a candidate is a perfect fit for the company or not, to eventually boost the chances of longer retaining longer.

  1. Online Recruitment Portal

These are the most familiar sites of digital recruitment methods, but they offer improved services every day. Using such platforms can help recruiters to search and match a perfect candidate, establish a social recruiting presence, and enhance the job posting with targeted advertising.


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