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Recruit the Best Talent!

1. Let your employees build your employer brand

Your employees are the best employer brand ambassadors.

Showing off the people potential candidates may be working alongside is a perfect strategy for attracting talent. After all talent breeds talent, so the company’s existing talent is bound to pique the interest of highly-qualified candidates looking for a great work environment.

Put yourself in their shoes for a moment. As a talented individual, you know that your skills can contribute to a great project only if other team members are highly-qualified as well.

Seeing industry all-stars already on board, potential candidates will validate their interest in your company and hop on.

One way you can do that is by sharing positive employee testimonials – just ask them why they like working at your company. Then turn their words into meaningful content packages, accompanied by anecdotes and feedback. Presenting such information to candidates will make your offer even more attractive.

 2. Promote your company culture

An efficient strategy for attracting top talent is by promoting your company culture through different channels of communication.

You can use various formats – from behind-the-scenes videos showing the life at the company to photographic stories displaying employee activities during community service programs.

Showing off what the office looks like, what employees are wearing and how they interact with each other, you’ll be showcasing your company culture and building a strong employer brand that will resonate with the right kind of talent.

Without displaying the organization’s mission and values, you stand no chance at properly communicating what matters to the company.

Talent likes to work in places which have a great reputation and are associated with driving industry innovation or environmentally-conscious practices.

Talent is offered many professional opportunities, but your offer will stand out if you pair it up with the consistent promotion of your unique company culture.

3. Enlarge your candidate pool

Sometimes it’s worth broadening your candidate search criteria to include talent who are just waiting to be discovered.

Technological innovation in communication allows companies to hire full-time off-site employees who boast the same capabilities as the on-site staff.

If your company is located in a competitive hiring market, you should look into top talent in less competitive areas.

Collaboration and communication aren’t a problem anymore, so adapt to these new technologies and you’ll be sure not to lose out on experts in your field because of your company location.

4. Reach out to passive candidates

Top talents are usually passive job seekers. And you cannot expect them to be as engaged with your offer as candidates who are actively looking for a job.

Recruiters addressing passive job seekers automatically open up a whole audience which has previously been inaccessible to them.

That’s why one of the strongest trends in recruiting is a host of strategies for fostering passive candidate engagement.

Recruiters often turn to social recruiting and benefit from various social networks – not only LinkedIn, but also Facebook, Twitter and other platforms relevant to their target industries.

It’s in your best interest to keep tabs on the professional community which is your target audience and spot the most active and engaged members who share valuable observations, displaying their expertise by helping others solve problems.

Smart recruiters will identify and list these people in their contacts to make a direct approach once the right vacancy opens up.

Keeping up with recruiting trends is a challenge, but hiring managers should do their best to follow and employ the latest industry tendencies – this is how they avoid falling behind others in scoring the best talent out there.

Sourcing and engaging talent are never easy, but it’s the reality of recruiting, so make the most of your tools and you’ll be on your way to recruiting top talent in the field.

5. Engage candidates on social media

Social media is increasingly prominent in recruiting as hiring managers realize what power brings direct interaction with their candidate pools.

Even if top talent is content with where they are right now, they never know what the future has in store for them.

Engaging with such candidates on social media offers an excellent opportunity to forge a meaningful relationship well before the hiring cycle begins.

Social media help recruiters to not only boost their employer brand and analyze their candidate pool but also build their position in the industry and create a set of pipelined candidates – already interviewed and practically waiting until the right opportunity opens at the organization.

Using social media to their advantage, recruiters can boost their chances at quickly filling a position with a quality hire – all done by simply launching a pre-hiring process according to the projected future a specific employment needs.

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